U-KISS’s Kiseop Badly Injured From Explosion On Music Video Set

On September 6th KST, NH Media took to media platforms to release bad news regarding U-KISS member, Kiseop.

They revealed:

“While Kiseop was filming a music video, he was using a smoke emitter as a prop and there was an explosion. He received second-degree burns and 10 fragments became stuck into his body, and so he was taken to a hospital in Incheon.”

Following, they posted a picture of Kiseop in the hospital with his injuries wrapped up.

The company made sure to explain that the smoke machine is a very normal, solo-use type. It is even used by Korean citizens at events and festivals, meaning nothing out of the ordinary would have caused the explosion.

NH Media stated that Kiseop will properly rest and remain in the hospital until he is released.

We are dearly wishing a quick recovery for Kiseop!

On September 7th, NH Media announced that Kiseop had returned home to rest properly, but will be continuing trips to the hospital for treatment. The company also mentioned that Kiseop is stable, and says he is sorry for worrying fans.

There was also a video released of the actual incident when it happened.
Warning, please watch the video at your own risk as it could be disturbing to some viewers. 

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