WATCH: B.A.P Drops Second Teaser Video For “HONEYMOON”

UPDATED: B.A.P has released their second teaser video for “HONEYMOON.”

The short video gives a more in-depth look at the upcoming MV, as well as the members’ roles in the video. With shots of coffins, medications on the ground, and more, it seems like it will definitely have an important story being told. In addition, the somewhat dark imagery mixed with such a bright, beautiful setting seems very unique as well.

Check it out below! Who’s excited?

ORIGINAL: After a series of beautiful and mysterious teaser images, B.A.P has now dropped their first MV teaser!

On August 29th KST, the group revealed the teaser video for “HONEYMOON.” The video shows off gorgeous ocean scenery, as well as a thick forest of trees— giving off a bright vibe that B.A.P hasn’t tackled before. The audio for the video doesn’t give much detail, but whistling can be heard throughout, along with a unique beat.

“HONEYMOON” is the title track off the group’s upcoming single album, Blue.

This is only the first teaser video released, so stay tuned for the next one to come!

Check it out below!

Media: TS Entertainment

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