WATCH: EXO Drops “Parallel Universe” Teaser Video

 WATCH: EXO Drops “Parallel Universe” Teaser Video

EXO has released a new teaser video for their comeback!

On August 28th, the famous boy band released a new teaser, entitled “Parallel Universe.” The short video shows the boys sitting around a retro-style set, playing games and reading comics. The hashtag “parallel universe,” along with a series of hints found in the video, has set off a new string of theories about the group’s upcoming concept.

Fans quickly noticed that things like the time on the clock coincided with another eclipse in the past, the shelf with a roll of paper had appeared weeks ago on Sehun’s Instagram account, and even the posters on the wall have hidden meanings. Can you tell what they are?

Check it out below! Are you excited?

ORIGINAL: After confirming their September comeback, EXO has just dropped a teaser video for their comeback!

On August 21st at 09:06:43 AM PDT (the time previously mentioned in their tweet), EXO dropped two teaser videos. One is the Chinese version and one is the Korean version.

The audio has a smooth, sensual feel to it as the video plays and shows different images of an eclipse. As the short clips comes to an end, a message appears: “The power of music arises when the eclipse occurs.” In addition, a hashtag was attached that reads #TotalEclipse

Previously, SMTOWN confirmed that EXO would be releasing ther repackage album of The War in the beginning of September. The producers for the title track said it would have a “latin” vibe.

Check out the video below! Who’s excited?


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