Actress Song Seon Mi’s Husband Tragically Murdered

 Actress Song Seon Mi’s Husband Tragically Murdered

Tragic news from Korea today—the husband of actress Song Seon Mi has been murdered.

On August 21st at approximately noon KST, Mr. Go Woo Seok, a film art director, was found wounded and bleeding. An ambulance was called, but Mr. Go unfortunately passed away before they could reach the hospital.

The police investigated and found quickly that he had been murdered. After important details came to light, they applied for a warrant and arrested the young man who is suspected of murdering Mr. Go.

While details of the murder have not yet been confirmed, most reports agree that the horrible event took place due to an altercation concerning a pending family inheritance.

Mr. Go met actress Song Seon Mi through a mutual friend. The couple was married in 2006 and have one daughter who was born in 2015. Ms. Song is currently starring in the drama “The Return of the Lucky Pot.”

Our deepest condolensces to Ms. Song and her daughter on their tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family.

Medi: JR Entertainment
Source: Naver

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