BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Drops New “Bullshit” MV

 BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Drops New “Bullshit” MV

G-Dragon has released a new music video!

On August 18th, the BIGBANG leader revealed the long-awaited MV for “Bullshit.” The song was a track off his recent hit album, Kwon Ji Yong.  The MV shows G-Dragon in an underground arena for dogfights. The dark imagery suits the rebellious lyrics of the song and goes along with the “dog” theme of the lyrics.

When the original album was released in USB format, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the decision. However, G-Dragon defended the chosen format of the album and said there were surprises in store that made the format worth it. It seems like one of those surprises is the official MV for “Bullshit,” which is only available to the people who bought the USB.

Although some copies of the MV have been uploaded to social media sites, WTK will not be sharing them since they are infringing on the copyright and going against what G-Dragon intended as a bonus for the USB buyers. We will, however, share a few screenshots of the video for those who haven’t bought the album yet.

Check it out below! What do you think of his new MV?

Make sure to get your hands on G-Dragon’s exclusive content by purchasing his new album, Kwon Ji Yong!

Media: YG Entertainment

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