WATCH: Lee Byung Hun And Kim Yun Seok Shine In Epic Trailer For “The Fortress”

 WATCH: Lee Byung Hun And Kim Yun Seok Shine In Epic Trailer For “The Fortress”

From Director Hwang Dong Hyuk, the mind that brought Miss Granny’” and ‘”Silenced’” to fame, comes another masterpiece entitled “The Fortress.

The historical film is based on the novel “Namhansanseong,” written by Kim Hoon and published in April 2007. The incredible, star-studded cast includes Lee Byung Hun (“Inside Men”), Kim Yun Seok (“The Chaser”), Park Hae Il (“War of the Arrows”), Ko Soo (“The Front Line”), Park Hee Soon (“The Suspect”) and Jo Woo Jin (“Inside Men”).

The story begins in the year 1636 when the Qing Dynasty invaded Joseon. The King (Park Hae Il) and his followers seek refuge within the walls of the Fortress in the mountains of Namhansanseong. The enemy insists that the crown prince should be held as a hostage. After forty-seven days pass, Choi Myung Kil (Lee Byung Hun) begs the King to negotiate with the Qing Dynasty to end the war, but Kim Sang Hun (Kim Yun Seok) petitions the King to keep on fighting.

Will the King be wise enough to make negotiations with Qing Dynasty without shedding blood? Or will he choose pride and honor in order to continue to fight until every last man is gone? Watch this amazing movie when it hits theaters this fall!

The film will be distributed by CJ Entertainment is expected to air in September.

Watch the epic trailer below.

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