WATCH: DIA Drops First Sub-Unit MV For “LO OK”

 WATCH: DIA Drops First Sub-Unit MV For “LO OK”

DIA‘s first sub-unit has revealed their MV, entitled “LO OK.”

On August 17th, the group dropped the video for their first sub-unit, BinChaenHyeonSeuS (written as BCHCS). The unit is made up of Yebin, Chaeyeon, Huihyeon, Eunice, and Somyi. Their names were combined to form the unit name.

The cute MV is set up like a retro TV sitcom, showing Chayeon getting ready for a date as the others wait impatiently for her to come home and then get annoyed when she is late.

The MV is to help hype up fans for DIA’s upcoming comeback with Love Generation.

Who’s excited? Check out “LO OK” below! What do you think?

Media: V Live

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