K-STYLE: Get Inspired By EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” Fashion

 K-STYLE: Get Inspired By EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” Fashion

As Kpop fans, it’s inevitable that our music choices will begin to influence other areas of our lives. One of the most common ways that music influences us is with our style. With every comeback, there are great looks that we wish we could wear in real life. However, while those looks may work for music videos, sometimes they’re not realistic for real life. That’s why it’s great to take certain outfits or styles and adapt them for our own everyday style.

EXO‘s recent hit “Ko Ko Bop” has been influencing everything from dance challenges to nail art, but if you can’t dance or do nails, don’t worry! There is still another way to show off your EXO love! Incorporating some of the key pieces from the music video and photoshoot is easy to do with just a few tweaks. Check out two of our EXO-inspired looks below!

Kai’s “Ko Ko Bop”

Wearing casual jeans, simple sneakers, and a short-sleeved, burgundy top, Kai pulled off a flawless look in his “Ko Ko Bop” teaser images that proved to be both fashionable and casual. In hot weather, it’s not reasonable to wear velvet or knit sweaters like he did, so opt for a thin, faux velvet crop top that keeps things summer appropriate. Draw inspiration from the greenery of his pictures by adding a tropical scarf with green and burgundy tones. Instead of using it around your neck, tie it as a loose belt to give a nod to the bandana Kai had tied around his wrist. Dress things up with a pair of heels, but keep that “Ko Ko Bop” vibe by wearing fun, pineapple jewelry and Kai’s signature brown sunglasses.

Sehun’s Sexy Summer

There is no doubt that Sehun looked gorgeous in his aquamarine, Hawaiian-print shirt and ripped jeans, but it’s easy to adapt his look into something that’s a bit more flirty and fun. Instead of going for the baggy shirt like Sehun, use it as an inspiration by wearing a similar print in a fun, A-line skirt. Paired with a cool, tailored shirt, the outfit will be very feminine while still letting your “Ko Ko Bop” vibe shine through. In some of his teaser images, Sehun had bright pink and yellow flowers in his pocket, so draw on those small touches to add a pop of color to your outfit. By adding this pink, Hawaiian flower jewelry, you can add a fun, tropical element to the look. Paired with this cute bag, you will feel ready for summer while still looking fashionable!

The best thing about fashion is that you can play with pieces and outfits that best reflect your own tastes. While Kpop is certainly a great inspiration, remember that you don’t have to do things exactly the same! This isn’t meant to be cosplay, but just a way to allow your love of Kpop to inspire your wardrobe choices. The person that sees you walking down the street may not know you’re drawing inspiration from EXO, but you will know it. And in the end, it’s that knowledge that will make you smile and feel more confident as you flaunt your love of “Ko Ko Bop” in the most stylish way possible.

Which “Ko Ko Bop” inspired outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! If you try a similar outfit, make sure to tweet us a picture with your results @whatthekpop1

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