SHINee’s Onew Withdraws From “Age Of Youth 2” Due To Recent Scandal

 SHINee’s Onew Withdraws From “Age Of Youth 2” Due To Recent Scandal

SHINee‘s Onew has withdrawn from the upcoming TV show “Age of Youth 2” due to his recent scandal.

After the singer was recently accused of sexual harassment after accidentally touching a woman’s leg when he was heavily intoxicated in a club, netizens began to complain about him continuing to be part of the cast for the upcoming TV program.

SMTOWN then released a statement on August 16th KST and said that he was withdrawing from the show after discussions with the production team.

Since the label’s statement, the production staff for the show spoke up and said they didn’t know what they would be doing concerning Onew’s character. They are not sure if they will seek a replacement or drop the character altogether. Once they make a decision, they will announce it to the public.

The young woman who originally made the accusation dropped charges after seeing Onew’s level of intoxication at the club, but police made the decision to forward the case to prosecution so they could make the ultimate call, despite charges being dropped from the female in question.

In light of the events, the singer has now withdrawn from the drama and even his appearances on the recent Music Bank concert were edited out.

What do you think of the show’s decision with Onew?


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