WATCH: Jack Black Plays Hilarious Prank On Members Of “Infinite Challenge”

 WATCH: Jack Black Plays Hilarious Prank On Members Of “Infinite Challenge”

Jack Black is back on the newest episode of “Infinite Challenge,” and it proved to be yet another hilarious collaboration between the show and the American actor!

On the new episode, the members of “Infinite Challenge” had challenged themselves to send in videos for an audition in the U.S. in an attempt to break into the American entertainment industry. Surprisingly (for the members at least), they received the opportunity to have a live audition with the casting agents in the U.S.

What they didn’t realize is that the “audition” was actually orchestrated by Jack Black, the famous actor and funny man who had previously guest starred on an episode of “Infinite Challenge” during his time in Korea. Hidden behind the scenes, Jack Black instructed the casting agents to put the members through an odd audition, making strange requests of them that only served to prank them on a huge scale.

You can check out the clips below, or click HERE to watch the full episode on OnDemandKorea.

1- Yoo Jae Suk

For this prank, it was first revealed that Jack Black was the one controlling the audition. Things start off pretty normally, but then Yoo Jae Suk is asked to take off his glasses and look romantically at the camera and say “I Love You.” He wasn’t quite sure what to do at first, but he ends up trying his best to deliver a believable, romantic line. In the second clip, they have him act out a war scene where his best friend dies, even telling him when he was done, “You better order a tuxedo because we’ll be seeing you at the Oscars.”

2- Jung Joon Ha

For Jung Joon Ha’s audition, Jack Black started things off with a war setting, but things quickly got zany as he then directed the casting agents to make Joon Ha act like he was getting attacked by a tiger. When the tiger (played by one of the American agents) bites him on the foot, he is then instructed to fight back by biting the tiger on his lips. Looking at the American man, Joon Ha can’t decide whether he should really bite his lips or not, leading Jack Black to laugh hysterically. He then makes him go through another scene to show off a slow-motion kiss with an imaginary partner.

3- Park Myung Soo

Park Myung Soo got totally immersed in his audition as he acts out an epic war scene where he is driving a jeep through the war zone, looking at his wife’s picture and crying, and then gets shot in the heart by a stray bullet. When Jack Black instructs him to then relive his life with the expressions on his face before dying a slow death, things get hysterical as he then accidentally receives a real call from his wife during the “audition.”

BONUS: Jack Black Playing Games With “Infinite Challenge”

If you know Jack Black, you know he has a great ear for music and can easily mimic tunes and singers without even knowing the songs. He displayed this talent with Kpop songs when he was a guest on the previous episode of “Infinite Challenge,” and he repeated it again much to the delight of the members and crew. Showing off his vocal talents, he perfectly mimics “Pick Me” from “Produce 101: Season 2” and Red Velvet‘s newest hit “Red Flavor.” Check it out below!

Did you watch the new episode? Don’t you find Jack Black’s interactions with “Infinite Challenge” so cute? Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: MBC Entertainment

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