Ji Chang Wook To Quietly Enlist In Military Next Week

 Ji Chang Wook To Quietly Enlist In Military Next Week

Actor Ji Chang Wook will be enlisting in the military next week!

His label announced that he would enlist quietly on Monday, August 14th, at the Gangwon Province Training Center. According to the company, the handsome and talented actor will not hold any sort of press conference or farewell to fans the day he enlists. Instead, he wishes to quietly enlist and not have any special fanfare.

The company stated, “There will not be any official events on the day of enlistment. Gathering reporters and fans to say goodbye does not fit Ji Chang Wook’s personality.”

Ji Chang Wook, famous for his roles in dramas like “The K2” and “Suspicious Partner,” will undergo his basic training at the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon. After completing his training, the actor will be stationed at a different base to complete the remainder of his military service.

We wish Ji Chang Wook the best of luck and hope for his quick and safe return!

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