9 Summer Comebacks To Inspire Your Wardrobe

 9 Summer Comebacks To Inspire Your Wardrobe

July just flew by and now we have finally taken out all of our summer clothing as the weather gets hotter and the comebacks start rolling! Do you still wear the same old Daisy Dukes and stained Harley Davidson shirt with flip-flops? Well, look no further into the clothing I chose to draw inspiration from for your next stroll through the park in this sunshine. This past month alone had more than 10 comebacks (and a few debuts!), and it got me looking at all of the idol fashion. So, let’s look at some eccentric, flashy, and daring outfits that we can all try to embody as Kpop idols do!

I have various examples from boy and girl groups, as well as some solo artists. We will start with the rookie girl group, ELRIS, who has debuted with their first mini album We, First. Their clothing fits with their fresh and bubbly sound and, specifically, their round skirts are impressive to show off on Instagram with a background of irises. Am I right? They pull off a cheerleader/Ivy League/classic flight attendant look that you can probably try out!

I can say for sure that MAMAMOO has a similar vibe to their choice of clothing in their recent comeback, but what surprised me the most was their color coordination. Find a bold color to wear that pairs with white (or dare to wear all the same color!) and match that with your hair color. Although, Hwasa has black hair, it goes well her facial features, and she looks incredibly sexy with all the red she is wearing!

Even with the sad news of their disbandmentSISTAR still showed off their charms for the last time as a group. Their last promotion showed how close the members really are while dressing in all white. Many women may not want to do all white clothing, but with the help of friends, you can pull off anything. You can be the hit of the party, as a group with girl power who won’t say goodbye without exiting in a fashionable way.

I saved the most daring girl outfit here, because all I can say is that BLACKPINK’s Lisa can rock anything. If you have a wild side, this idea is for you! We have body suits, boyfriend jeans, belt, baseball cap, and sparklers all in one picture! Someone thought this out clearly, but I was mostly impressed by the sparkling bra on the outside. Music festivals and parades are perfect occasions for this sort of outfit, so don’t let your grandmother see you in this if you go camping with the family!

Moving on to the guys, FTISLAND also made a comeback to celebrate their 10th year anniversary! Although, this is not a comeback teaser picture, their outfits are very stunning here. They have always been inspired by other rock bands, but as their true selves, they often like to wear relaxed clothing. Polyester shirts with collars are the way to go on those very hot days. Plus, sunglasses or hats can make you look cool without showing off a big brand that is expensive.

I’m not even sure where to start here, because PENTAGON showcases a variety of suit options in their recent single “Critical Beauty.” There are soft blues and pinks with bold reds and yellows to choose from. My personal favorite is the duo E’Dawn and Hui who are rocking their printed white shirts, long red belt, and khaki suits. It probably has to do with all the swag they have, so try it if you have what it takes.

For NCT 127, can I just say what an amazing comeback they had this summer? These boys have matured so much and their fashion screams hip-hop/trap/punk-inspired trends. Let me point out Haechan, who can sometimes be underappreciated. He only used black and white colors, but he plays around with prints and textures to make a unique outfit. A leather jackets may not suit the summer, but just carry it around as an accessory and people might think that you are a cool biker!

Another SMTOWN artist that sent this summer looking fly while chilling out with his friends, eating pizza, and skating. With a drop armhole tank top, a beanie, and a neon bag, Henry definitely stood out from his previous music style and persona! Get your inner skater out with this look. Please note that the colored smoke bomb is only optional if you want to make a grand entrance!

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Suran and her makeup choice. The no-makeup look is still trendy for summer because you don’t want to cake on a lot of stuff on your face because it will get sweaty fast! I suggest starting with a moisturizing sunscreen or gel, choosing peach and orange colors, and plumping your lips with lipgloss and tints.

So, there you have it! We probably have similar items to try out the different combinations and who would’ve thought these comebacks can get us ready to rock the rest of this summer? Which look was you favorite? What other comebacks are you most excited to see this month?

NancyV is a writer for WTK and has been an avid kpop fan since… H.O.T. She loves to spend her time watching K-dramas, K-movies, and looking for new groups to love. When not fangirling, she likes to blog, dance, and play with her puppy, Flash. Find her on Twitter @Envynice if you wanna chat!

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