WATCH: Jessica Releases Melancholy Teaser Video For “Summer Storm”

 WATCH: Jessica Releases Melancholy Teaser Video For “Summer Storm”

Jessica Jung has released a new teaser video for her upcoming solo comeback!

On August 7th, the former Girls’ Generation member dropped the second teaser video for her new song, “Summer Storm.” Jessica looks lovely in the short video as she is seen standing under a tree, catching falling blossoms before the flowers turn into raindrops and things turn dark. We then see the singer sitting by herself, celebrating an event with no one else around as she has a melancholy smile on her face. She then begins thinking back on a past relationship when she was happy and smiling.

Due to the fact that this comeback album is for her 10th anniversary since making her debut with Girls’ Generation, most fans seem to agree that the video is an obvious nod to her past with the famous girl group.

Jessica will release “Summer Storm” on August 9th at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the new teaser video below, along with the original one as well!

Media: Coridel Entertainment

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