PRISTIN Drops First Individual Teaser Photos For Comeback

 PRISTIN Drops First Individual Teaser Photos For Comeback

PRISTIN, Pledis Entertainment‘s newest girl group, is gearing up for their first comeback!

UPDATED: After the “out” pictures which were released of Rena and Xiyeon enjoying a day out of school at the beach, Pledis Entertainment has now released the “in” version pictures that show the girls in school.

Check out the pictures below! Who’s excited for PRISTIN’s comeback?

UPDATED: After announcing their comeback with various concept images, PRISTIN has started dropping individual teaser images. For the first two images, members Rena and Xiyeon are featured.Xiyeon is seen standing at the beach in her school uniform, while Rena has already changed out of her uniform and is laying down to relax.

Check out the images below!

On August 6th, two teaser images were released that show bright, cartoonish drawings in pink and green, giving off a youthful, schoolgirl vibe. One teaser is labeled “In Version” and shows a blurred out picture of the girls in school. The other picture is labeled “Out Version” and shows the girls having fun out of school at what appears to be a beach.

The cute “In/Out” theme seems to be talking about the two album versions that will be out for this comeback, but it could also refer to two music videos. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet by Pledis Entertainment, but more is expected to be revealed over the next few days through more teaser images.

The girl group will be making their comeback on August 23rd with their second mini-album!

Check out the teasers and schedule below!

Media: Pledis Entertainment

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