Watch: Trailer For Upcoming Horror Film “The Mimic” Promises Thrills

 Watch: Trailer For Upcoming Horror Film “The Mimic” Promises Thrills

Director Huh Jung is coming back to the big screen with his  horror film “The Mimic.” Director Jung is the creator and director of the 2013 box office hit and mystery film “Hide and Seek,” a film which became a massive hit despite its low budget.

The story starts with Hee Yeon (Yum Jung Ah) going back to her hometown near Jang Mountain in hopes of finding her lost child, Jun Suh. One day, she happens upon a young girl in the forest and decides to bring her home. Soon, she finds out that the young girl can mimic her lost child, and a series of unexplainable and mysterious events begin to occur.

Will Hee Yeon be able to find her lost child? Will she and her family escape the creepy events happening as a result of the mimic?

The film is inspired by the South Korean legend about the Jangsan tiger, also known as “Jangsanbum,” on Mount Jang. This mystical creature is believed to draw people close to them by imitating the sound of humans.

This movie is also the comeback film of Yum Jung Ah after her last film three years ago, “Cart.” She is also very famous for the movie “The Tale of Two Sisters.”

Other cast members include Park Hyuk Kwon, Shin Rin Ah, Heo Jin and Lee Joon Hyuk.

The film is produced by Next Entertainment World and Content Panda. It is scheduled to be released in South Korean cinemas on August 17.

Watch the trailer below. Are you excited for this film?

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