WATCH: ONF Makes Long-Awaited Debut With “ON/OFF” MV

 WATCH: ONF Makes Long-Awaited Debut With “ON/OFF” MV

After numerous teasers, ONF has finally made their long-awaited debut!

On August 2nd, the new boy group from WM Entertainment made their debut with “ON/OFF.” The label houses groups like B1A4 and Oh My Girl, making ONF (pronounced similarly to “on and off”) their younger brother group to these famous Kpop groups. The group has trained for six years, so although they are rookies, they still have polished skills that make them seem more experienced on camera.

In the MV, the group is seen showing off bright smiles and youthful energy as they seem set to conquer the heart of Kpop fans around the globe. They are seen in an atmosphere that seems like a post-apocalypse environment, showing them wandering the deserted streets and event in containment like a science experiment. Thankfully, the video is still bright and colorful in keeping with their upbeat, rookie vibe.

Check out the MV below! What do you think of ONF’s debut?

Media: WM Entertainment

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