WATCH: GFRIEND Releases Fun MV For “Love Whisper”

 WATCH: GFRIEND Releases Fun MV For “Love Whisper”

The ladies of GFRIEND are back with a music video for their latest release, “Love Whisper.”

The music video has a cozy feeling with the opening scenes showing the members hanging out at what appears to be a summer cabin. They sit around an old radio, trying to get it to work, and the scene transitions to a wild flower field with solo shots of each member, all of whom are dressed in white. The GFRIEND members embark on an adventure to find a place where their old-fashioned radio will work.

It feels like you’re on a vacation with the members as they ride a train and find shelter when it starts to rain. Shots of their trek is interspersed with choreography shots, among which includes scenes of their impressive water choreography.

What do you think of this latest release from GFRIEND? Check out the music video for “Love Whisper” below!

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