Jang Hyunseung Apologizes For Past Behavior During BEAST Era

 Jang Hyunseung Apologizes For Past Behavior During BEAST Era

Jang Hyunseung has apologized for his past behavior during his time with BEAST.

On July 31st, the singer made a lengthy post on Instagram and apologized for what he termed his “bad attitude,” among other things.

The singer came under fire in 2016 when he was seen sleeping or not paying attention in interviews, not following choreography on stage, missing a fan meeting, and generally having what Korean fans thought was an attitude problem and lack of interest in BEAST activities.

Although many fans, especially those in the international circle, defended him and said it had nothing to do with his interest in BEAST, others weren’t surprised when he ended up leaving the group to become a solo artist. However, he continued to gain criticism when people blamed him when BEAST left the label and had to rename their group HIGHLIGHT, despite the issues being a problem with Cube Entertainment and not Jang Hyunseung himself.

Regardless of your own opinion, it seems that Hyunseung has spent some time reflecting on the entire situation and blames himself for his behavior.

Read the full translation below, courtesy of Soompi. You can also see his original Instagram post here.

“During the past seven years, as part of BEAST before I left the group, I received a lot of love. Since I was young, I thought that the people who sing and dance on TV were really cool, so I embraced my big dream and trained for five years. Through a good opportunity, I was able to debut as BEAST with my members. After debuting, it seemed like I’d realized my dream, but while promoting there were things I was uncomfortable with and a thirst for music that couldn’t be resolved. Rather than focusing on group promotions and building teamwork, I was stubborn about my own affairs. Even when I listened to what other people had to say, I’d immediately focus again on my own stubbornness and pride, so I made it hard for my members and the other people around me. The wall between me and the members built up slowly and instead of choosing harmony, I chose to grow distant. I slowly lost the ability to control myself and showed bad attitude in public, including on stage. I thought that immature image of myself was me enjoying my youth. I thought all that was me being cool. Now that I look back on it, I am deeply regretful. It was difficult for me to say that I was sorry because of my stubbornness and needless pride. But after leaving the group, I experienced a lot of things and went through a hard time. After laying down my pride, I could finally hit the floor that I was stubbornly holding out from, and from that floor I came to a realization and became free. I have only given scars to other people. I now understand how my carelessness and selfish decisions hurt other people so I really want to say I’m sorry to those people. I’m sorry.”

What do you think of his statement? Will the public finally forgive him and allow him to move forward in a positive manner?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Media: Cube Entertainment

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