WATCH: Korean Film “V.I.P” Promises Thrills In Star-Studded Trailer

 WATCH: Korean Film “V.I.P” Promises Thrills In Star-Studded Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Korean movie “V.I.P.”

Lee Jong Suk is coming back to the big screen as the star of the action-thriller film, alongside Jang Dong Gun (“A Gentleman’s Dignity”), Kim Myung Min (“Closer to Heaven”) and Park Hee Soon (“Seven Days”).

The film is directed by Park Hoon Jung, maker of the crime drama film hit “New World.” “V.I.P’” is an epic crime epic which tells about V.I.P. Gwang Il (Lee Jong Suk), the son of a high-ranking official in North Korea, who crosses the border to go to South Korea. He is then accused of being a prime suspect of a series of murders across the globe. International forces from Interpol, South Korea, and North Korea all work together to stop the murders. Detective Chae Yi Do (Kim Myung Min) chases after Gwang Il, but agent Park Jae Hyuk (Jang Dong Gun) of the NIS tries to protect him. Park Hee Soon will be playing a North Korean secret agent in the film.

The film is produced by Peppermint & Company and will be distributed by Warner Bros. It is set to hit the big screen in August!

Is the V.I.P. really the guilty party or is someone else responsible for the horrible crimes?

Watch the trailer below!

ging1030 is a multi-fandom fan of Kpop since 2010. She enjoys watching Asian dramas and variety shows like “Running Man”. She is an avid fan of Song triplets and Song Joong Ki.  For her, Kdrama is life. They are her inspirations in life so she can live on and do what her heart desires!

Media: Warner Bros

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