WATCH: THE BOYZ Shine In First Group Teaser Video

 WATCH: THE BOYZ Shine In First Group Teaser Video

THE BOYZ have revealed a new teaser video for their upcoming debut!

After releasing an individual teaser video and image for all 12 members, the group has now dropped a video of the members together— giving fans a glimpse of them all onscreen together for the first time. Their interaction is adorable and their friendship already evident as they laugh, smile, and play together, showing off their youthful charms and gorgeous, good looks.

The video starts off in black and white as the guys pose in white t-shirts and black pants, all looking like models in a TV commercial. The video then starts showing glimpses of a colorful scene as the members run a relay race, each one being introduced as they pass the baton to the next member.

There is no word yet on the official debut of the new Cre.Ker Entertainment group, but fans are already anticipating their first release!

Check out the new video below!

Media: Cre.Ker Entertainment

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