Baekhyun Flusters “Knowing Bros” Cast After Exposing EXO’s Body Secrets

 Baekhyun Flusters “Knowing Bros” Cast After Exposing EXO’s Body Secrets

EXO appeared on the hit show “Knowing Bros” on July 22nd and left both the viewers and cast rolling with laughter at their hilarious antics!

One particularly hilarious moment came when Baekhyun, who fans love to say has no filter or embarrassment, spilled some EXO secrets that left the cast of the show quite shocked and entertained.

During the show, each member had a chance to ask questions of the cast members, giving the members their own time to talk and share stories. When it was Baekhyun’s turn, he started spilling entertaining stories and secrets left and right. He first revealed that the way he got closer to his members was by picking the lock on the door when they were showering and joining them in the shower. People of the same sex bathing together is no big deal in Korea, but it’s normally just done in the public baths where people go to soak and get their skin scrubbed. Needless to say, it seems like several of the members were surprised when Baekhyun invaded their person time to jump in the shower with them!

He went on to say that his favorite person to shower with was D.O. because he would scrub Baekhyun’s back. The purpose of showering together was to have absolutely no barriers with each other and feel closer with each other— one of the reasons friends also go to public bath houses together as well.

When talking about his experiences showering with each member, one of the “Knowing Bros” cast members then asked Baekhyun who had the best body. Without a single hesitation, Baekhyun answered that Sehun had the best body. The cast then went on to ask was it because of his manly, broad shoulders. However, Baekhyun shocked everyone when he said no and went on to explain why he choose Sehun, “You know there’s that saying about how men need to have big noses [in order to have]….” At this point, he let his voice trail off to imply he was talking about a particular aspect of Sehun’s body.

The shocked cast and EXO members didn’t know how to respond at Baekhyun’s blunt speaking and all turned red and began laughing hysterically. However, the funniest part was when Sehun laughed as well and then begged the crew to please broadcast what Baekhyun had just stated.

Once again, EXO-L could only chuckle as they talked about how Baekhyun has no filter and never knows when to stop talking. However, it seemed like the “Knowing Bros” cast thought it was hilarious and made for a great, adult moment on their variety show.

Did you watch the full episode? Check it out now on OnDemandKorea where English subs will be out soon!

Media: JTBC
Screenshots Via Soompi

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