WATCH: NCT’s Mark And Parc Jae Jung Drop Sweet MV For “Lemonade Love”

 WATCH: NCT’s Mark And Parc Jae Jung Drop Sweet MV For “Lemonade Love”

SM STATION just released a refreshing new MV for their latest single “Lemonade Love,” featuring NCT‘s Mark and singer Parc Jae Jung.  The duo star as friends competing for the same girl’s affection in the fun summer music video.

The song and video are just as sweet as the title. “Lemonade Love” has a cheery summer tone that blends effortlessly with Parc Jae Jung’s smooth vocals. Just as well, Mark’s rap adds a complimentary twist that ties the whole track together.

In the music video, the boys can be seen working to get the attention of a lucky lemmonade truck waitress. While their antics are cute and heartfelt, sadly neither get the girl in the end.

Despite this being a track for SM STATION, it’s also the product of the SMTOWN and Mystic Entertainment variety show “Snowball Project,” a show where they will release musical collaborations between artists from the two companies.

The first team was previously announced as Mystic’s Parc Jae Jung, a former contestant on “Superstar K5” and NCT’s Mark. The new variety show came about thanks to Parc Jae Jung, a big fan of Mark who asked to work with him.

You can watch the show and making of the track on SMTOWN’s V Live channel, and you can also check out the MV below!

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