Kim Byung Man Sustains Spinal Injury While Skydiving

 Kim Byung Man Sustains Spinal Injury While Skydiving

Comedian Kim Byung Man sustained a spinal injury while participating in a team training exercise after he earned a tandem skydiving license for the upcoming Korean international skydiving competition, according to a statement by SM C&C. During the exercise, Kim Byung Man sustained the injury while landing due to a sudden wind change.

Kim Byung Man was immediately rushed to the hospital. Further injury was avoided due to on-site safety officials and the United Kingdom Special Forces who were on-site as well. SM C&C go on further to say that even though Kim Byung Man’s spine is fractured, there is no nerve damage, and will undergo surgery. He will recuperate for one to two weeks in the United States before returning home. It will take approximately two months for the spine to fully heal, and Kim Byung Man’s events will be on hold.

SBS emphasized, “…what is most important is Kim Byung’s Man recovery. We will discuss future matters at a later date.”

We at WTKpop wish Kim Byung Man a speedy recovery.

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