Jay Park Signs With Jay-Z’s Entertainment Company Roc Nation

 Jay Park Signs With Jay-Z’s Entertainment Company Roc Nation

Jay Park is getting ready to hit the American market!

On July 21st, it was announced that the famous AOMG singer and former 2PM idol group member had signed with Jay-Z‘s American entertainment company, Roc Nation. While AOMG will still be in charge of his domestic activities, the singer will be under Roc Nation for American activities, meaning that he is preparing for a regular U.S. debut under the famous CEO!

The company is home to some of the biggest stars in the U.S.— Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, DJ Khaled, Shakira, Lil Wayne, and many more. That means this is a massive step for Jay Park, who must be feeling amazing to finally get the recognition that he is just as good as these other famous, mainstream American artists.

As a matter of fact, Jay Park shared his excitement on Instagram, “This is a win for the Town. This is a win for Korea. This is a win for Asian Americans. This is a win for the overlooked and underappreciated. This is a win for genuine [people] who look out for their [own people]. This is a win for hard work and dedication. This is a win for honesty and authenticity. Thank you for the acknowledgement and recognition. Just gettin’ started.”

Although most people don’t consider Jay Park a Kpop idol anymore, there is no denying that is how he first got famous after moving to Korea from Seattle. So this isn’t just a win for Jay Park, but for all Kpop, proving once and for all that some of the most talented artists are right in the Kpop community. In addition, as Jay points out himself, this is a huge win for Asian Americans who still face such prejudice and unequal opportunities in the American entertainment industry.

Congratulation to Jay Park! Way to be a trailblazer for other Asian artists to follow!

Check out his Instagram post below, along with the official announcement from Roc Nation!

Media: AOMG, Instragam


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