NU’EST To Promote As “NU’EST W” Without Minhyun

 NU’EST To Promote As “NU’EST W” Without Minhyun

NU’EST will be coming back as “NU’EST W” with a title track produced by Kiggen.

The “W” in “NU’EST W” stands for “Wait,” as in “Waiting for Minhyun‘s return from Wanna One.” They will be promoting under the name as a special unit while Minhyun re-debuts with Wanna One.

The group will be promoting as four members: JR (Jonghyun), Aron, Baekho (Dongho) and Ren (Minki). Following the increase in recognition from “Produce 101,” the group will soon be releasing a new song.

Although they have stated that they will not be promoting the song as it is dedicated to their fans, Pledis Entertainment revealed that the title track in question would be produced by Kiggen, popular for his “Produce 101” song “Oh Little Girl.” Kiggen is also known for working with artists such as Infinite, Monsta X, Lady Jane, and Seo In Guk. He also produced NU’EST’s song “Daybreak” from their fifth mini-album, Canvas.

What do you think of NU’EST’s new sub-unit name? Are you excited about their new song?

NU’EST’s previous comeback, “Love Paint,” was released almost a full year ago. Check out the music video below!

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Media: Pledis Entertainment

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