Amber Liu Returns To YouTube With Fun Workout Vlog

 Amber Liu Returns To YouTube With Fun Workout Vlog

Amber Liu is back on YouTube!

While the headstrong rapper hadn’t left YouTube officially, f(x)‘s Amber hadn’t posted a video on her channel, What The Pineapple! (or WTP for short), since May 20th of last year.

About a week ago, Amber asked her Twitter followers whether she should return to vlogging.

It seems Amber got an overwhelmingly positive response, because less than ten days later, she finally returned to her channel!

“WTP is back!!” Amber tweeted excitedly. She also apologized for the lack of Korean subtitles and promised to add them soon.

The video, titled “LLAZY LLAMA,” is short but sweet. Fans can watch as Amber and her friend Kyle journey to their gym for an extensive workout session, complete with fun references and edits, pure Amber-style. Check out the full video below!

We’re delighted to see the silly and down-to-earth Amber make a return to YouTube, and we hope to see many more equally enjoyable videos in the future.

What did you think of the video? Are you excited about WTP’s return? Let us know in the comments!

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