B1A4’s Baro Joins Cast Of Upcoming Comedy Drama “Manhole”

 B1A4’s Baro Joins Cast Of Upcoming Comedy Drama “Manhole”

B1A4 member Baro has accepted the role alongside JYJ‘s Jaejoong and former After School member Uee in the time slip drama “Manhole.”

Baro will be playing Jo Seok-taek, Bong Pil’s friend who thinks they’re best friends but later finds out Bong Pil only thinks of him as a side kick.

Jaejoong and Uee will play the main leads in “Manhole,” a show that tells the story of a man who travels back in time to stop a marriage from happening in present day. Jaejoong will play Bong Pil, an immature guy who relies mostly on his father after unsuccessfully studying for the civil servant examination for three years and ends up unemployed. Uee will play his love interest, Kang Su Jin.

“Manhole” is set begin airing after Queen for Seven Days comes to an end.

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