WTKitchen: Easy, Affordable Korean Dumpling Soup

 WTKitchen: Easy, Affordable Korean Dumpling Soup

Welcome to the first edition of our new Korean cooking section, WTKitchen! We’re going to be cooking up some delicious and easy recipes that you can make in your very own kitchen. Whether you’re an experienced cook or just learning, we are going to provide some tasty recipes that everyone can make successfully!

For our first recipe, we’re going to do a very simple and affordable dumpling soup. While you can make it with more “Korean” ingredients, we’re doing some simple substitutes to make it one of the cheapest dinners possible. The total cost of this adapted recipe is under $10 and makes four servings. It’s such a cheap meal and delicious too!


1-2 small pieces of ginger root
4 cups of fresh collard greens
4 cups chicken broth
2 squares of instant ramen noodles
4-5 chopped green onions, reserve some for garnish
1 bag of frozen dumplings (we like mini-dumpling for soup)
2 tsps minced garlic
1 egg for garnish
black sesame seeds for garnish

*For a more authentic version, you can use bok choy in place of collard greens and fresh udon or ramen in place of instant ramen. You can also use sliced rice cake for a truly Korean soup. It makes it slightly more expensive to make, but the flavors are more authentic.


1- Heat the chicken broth in a large pot on medium heat.

2- Peel and cut the ginger, then chop into tiny pieces. Add ginger to the broth. Simmer for 3 minutes.

3- While the soup base is simmering, whisk one egg and pour in the bottom of a frying pan, allowing the egg to thinlu coat the surface of the pan. Cook over low heat until the texture resembles a crepe. Turn off heat and slice into thin, small pieces after it cools.

4- Add the chopped green onions, garlic, and collard greens to the soup base. For extra flavor, you can add one small package of ramen seasoning. Cook on high until the greens are thoroughly soft.

5- Add ramen noodles and cook for 2 minutes.

6- Add the frozen dumplings (about 25 mini-dumplings) to the soup and boil for 2 more minutes. Do not over cook or the noodles will become soggy and the dumplings will fall apart.

7- Serve the soup in a medium-sized bowl, making sure to give plenty of liquid so the noodles won’t dry out. Top the soup with the egg pieces and a few pieces of chopped green onion. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Enjoy!


Happy cooking! Let us know if you try our recipe! If you do, tweet us a photo of your own successful dish: @whatthekpop1 

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