WATCH: EXO Drops First Round Of Mysterious Teaser Images And Video

 WATCH: EXO Drops First Round Of Mysterious Teaser Images And Video

EXO has finally released the first teasers for their upcoming comeback, and fans are already going wild!

On July 8th, EXO made the first official tweet on their new Twitter account, giving fans the option to click on a hashtag for an automatic retweet and therefore unlocking a special teaser video for fans to enjoy!

The teaser video that pops up under the third hashtags shows EXO in a colorful, bright setting— very different from their previous music videos and comebacks. Although the setting definitely suits the summer season, there is an underlying tension to the video as well that promises much more is in store for fans than a simple, summer bop. The words “The War” and “KO KO BOP” appear at the end of the teaser video, leading fans to assume one is the title of the album and one is the title of the track. However, nothing has been confirmed.

In addition, the group released three different logos on their new Instagram account, again leading fans to speculate behind the reason for the different logos. Many wonder if there will be three different version of the album (similar to the logos for EXO’s last album) or perhaps three title tracks instead.

Meanwhile, several hidden meanings to the video and teasers are already being speculated about by fans. However, member Baekhyun has already confirmed one of the hidden messages, showing fans that there will definitely be more hidden things in store in the full MV! In one scene in the short clip, a car is show with a license plate number. Baekhyun shared the image with the caption “EXO-L’s birthday!”

KokoBop ! #에리들생년월일 #기대해

A post shared by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on

In addition, SMTOWN said Lay would not be participating in the album and promotions due to his solo schedule in China, but fans have still been hoping he would participate in the MV at least. In the short clip, you can see a person who does in fact appear to be Lay, leading fans to get even more excited.

SMTOWN is famous for putting hidden messages and meanings in their videos, especially when it comes to EXO. So, fans have eagerly been awaiting the first teasers to be dropped and it looks like they definitely aren’t disappointed with what they’re seeing so far!

The next teaser for EXO’s comeback is due out on July 10th, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the teasers so far? Let us know in the comment section below!


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