LISTEN: BTS Releases Cover Of Seo Taiji’s Hit “Come Back Home”

 LISTEN: BTS Releases Cover Of Seo Taiji’s Hit “Come Back Home”

BTS has released their cover of Seo Taiji‘s hit “Come Back Home.”

On July 4th, the song was digitally released, already proving popular with fans. The song was originally released in 1995 and was controversial at the time due to its topic of a teenager running away from home.

Seo Taiji said that BTS totally fit the message of the song that was portrayed then and also does a great job at relaying it to today’s audiences. He stated, I think an excellent remake has been born, perfectly capturing BTS’s character. I think, regardless of whether one knows the original or is hearing the song for the first time, it will impart a new emotional experience. I hope for ‘Come Back Home,’ which was about the problems and worries of the youth back then, to transcend generations and be of comfort to the youth of today.”

The song is part of Seo Taiji’s 25th anniversary project entitled “TIME: TRAVELER,” a project which will include multiple remakes of Seo Taiji’s hits from current artists.

A music video for the song will be released on July 5th, so stay tuned!

Media: Seo Taiji

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