Red Velvet Releases First Teaser Image For Summer Comeback

 Red Velvet Releases First Teaser Image For Summer Comeback

After recently confirming Red Velvet‘s summer comeback, SMTOWN has now dropped their first teaser image!

On June 30th KST, the label released a colorful teaser image via their official Twitter account. The pink images features brightly-colored fruit arranged in a still life type setting. Laid across the fruit are a pair of red sunglasses that read “Red Velvet” on the side.

On the image, SMTOWN wrote a simple caption to point fans towards Red Velvet’s official website. It is expected that they will have a fun, interactive website for the release of the comeback images and teasers. For their last comeback, Red Velvet’s website was set up like a “Where’s Waldo?” book, and fans had to find the new teaser images hidden in the images. With that last unique concept still in their minds, fans are looking forward to what the group has in store this time.

The group will make their comeback sometime in July.

Check out the original tweet below, and click HERE to visit the group’s website!


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