Jay Park And DOK2 To Release New Track “MOST HATED” Together

 Jay Park And DOK2 To Release New Track “MOST HATED” Together

It looks like Jay Park and DOK2 are ready to come together again for a killer track!

On June 28th KST, a picture was revealed on various social media sites. The picture had the words “MOST HATED” written in the middle, along with Jay Park and DOK2’s names. Below it was a release date of what is expected to be an amazing new track!

Jay Park and DOK2 are busy as CEO’s of their respective companies AOMG and Illionaire Records. Not to mention, Jay Park has begun his recent endeavor with his international company H1GHR MUSIC. On top of that, the pair of them were recently revealed to be working together as a judging and producing team for “Show Me The Money: Season 6.”

Jay Park and DOK2 have worked together multiple times before with features, collaborations, and production. However, it has been over a year since their last project.

DOK2 revealed in a previous interview “We are two people who have shared views with each other for a very long time, long before Illionaire and AOMG came to be, as those around us would know. We’ll be working together for the first time in a while, so I think I’ll be able to participate in this season with a new feel with [Jay Park] whom I got started out [in hip-hop] with, even though it’s already my 3rd year [on ‘Show Me The Money’].”

The other production teams for the new season of “Show Me The Money” include Tiger JK and Bizzy, DEAN and Zico, and Dynamic Duo.

The release date of “니가 싫어하는 노래 (MOST HATED)” will be on the same day as the first episode of “Show Me The Money: Season 6.” However, the song will be released at 6 p.m KST, five hours prior to the show’s airtime.

Are you excited for the new song? Definitely let us know in the comment section!

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