T.O.P Admits All Charges Against Him During First Trial

 T.O.P Admits All Charges Against Him During First Trial

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P has admitted all charges against him during the first trial concerning his drug charges.

On June 29th, T.O.P’s lawyers stated before the trial that he would be admitting all charges against him and pleading guilty to smoking marijuana four different times back in October. Previously, T.O.P denied all charges, then later admitted to using it two out of four times. During his trial though, he admitted to using marijuana on all four occasions.

As a result, the prosecution has asked for the star to be sentenced to two years of probation and to a 10-month prison sentence if he is found to violate his probation. The female trainee that also used marijuana with T.O.P already received four years of probation and a possible three years in prison if she violates her probation period.

Upon seeing the press outside the courthouse, T.O.P stopped and bowed to them before speaking briefly:

“First of all, I apologize to all of you who have been hurt and disappointed by me.

I was too stupid. I had many days of trying to avoid myself in the darkness due to long periods of deep depression and severe anxiety disorder. Such a mysterious mental state has led me to commit such a huge mistake that cannot be reversed, as well as impulsive wrongdoings that have greatly disappointed many.

I am so ashamed of myself. Again, I will reflect more deeply and sincerely repent. In the future, this will never happen again, and I will accept any punishment. I am very sorry and finally, I am so sorry to my mother.”

Meanwhile, this is the first time the star has been photographed since leaving the hospital after his near-fatal drug overdose. Despite the sad circumstances, fans were relieved to see him looking much improved since he was last seen leaving the hospital where he was taken for emergency treatment.

Stay tuned for developing details.

Media: Naver

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