WATCH: Stellar Members Are Sensual Temptresses In “Archangels Of Sephiroth” MV

 WATCH: Stellar Members Are Sensual Temptresses In “Archangels Of Sephiroth” MV

Stellar is officially back with their new music video “Archangels Of Sephiroth” and are as dark and sensual as ever.

On June 26th KST, Stellar’s new music video was released along with the album STELLAR INTO THE WORLD. “Archangels Of Sephiroth” follows a similar style to their previous songs “Marionette” and “Mask” in that it’s dark, sensual, and loaded with fantasy aspects to keep things interesting. It’s based on the concept of The Tree Of Sephiroth— a mystical symbol used in Kabbalah of esoteric Judaism. It represents divinity, the human soul, and the spiritual ascension path of man. The music video’s description claims that Stellar sings “of complete love that goes beyond the conflicting concepts of consciousness, unconsciousness, reason and emotion, order and chaos.” The symbol itself is seen many times throughout the comeback prologue which can be found here.

The song itself is catchy and upbeat, matching the theme of the music video well. A Hebrew mandolin can be heard throughout, mixing well with the more current music style and giving the feeling of being lost in a vast desert.

This is Stellar’s first comeback since their song “Crying” was released nearly a year ago— a song that was thought would be their last. This is also their first comeback with new member, Soyoung.

Definitely check it out below, and let us know what you think!

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