JJ Project To Make Comeback + Jackson To Debut In China

 JJ Project To Make Comeback + Jackson To Debut In China

Amazing news for the GOT7 fandom! JJ Project is making their comeback! In addition, Jackson will be making his official debut in China.

In an announcement on June 26th, it was revealed that JJ Project would finally be making their comeback after five years. Made of up members JB and Jinyoung, the duo group was formed before GOT7 and enjoyed popularity with songs like “Bounce.” Thanks to GOT7’s growing fandom, JJ Project has received a lot of interest lately as well, thus leading to the decision to allow them to have a comeback.

Meanwhile, Jackson— who is already popular for his various activities on TV shows and more— will be making his official solo debut with an album in China! Jackson is a native of Hong Kong and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, so fans are looking forward to hearing him make his Chinese debut!

In addition, Jinyoung will be starring in a new web drama entitled “Magic School” (working title). The young star has already shown off his acting skills in dramas like “Dream High 2,” “My Love Eun-Dong,” “Legend of the Blue Sea,” and more. In the upcoming web drama, Jinyoung will be showing off a new side to his acting abilities.

JYP Entertainment also went on to state that they would be open to allowing other members to become involved in dramas and movies if they have the interest and potential.

Who’s excited? It sounds like GOT7 members are going to have a busy year!

Media: JYP Entertainment

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