“Produce 101” Trainees Jung Dong Soo And Kim Nam Hyung To Debut As Duo

 “Produce 101” Trainees Jung Dong Soo And Kim Nam Hyung To Debut As Duo

“Produce 101” trainees Jung Dong Soo and Kim Nam Hyung will be promoting together as the duo AA!

On June 23rd KST, S How Entertainment revealed to the press that the two trainees, popular for their skills on the most recent season of “Produce 101,” would be forming a duo group and release music this fall. Before that, however, they will be traveling for fan meetings, including an upcoming fan meeting and workshop in the Philippines.

The two artists are members of the Kpop group OFFROAD, but their group has gone largely under the radar until now. With the exposure they received on “Produce 101,” they plan to capitalize on that as the new duo AA— named such for their stage name initials Arkay (Dong Soo) and Add Corn (Nam Hyung).

Their label stated, “AA will go beyond OFFROAD’s previous activities and show new and diverse sides with a focus on Korean promotions. We will work more systematically and actively to create various and clear channels for communication with fans.”

AA has released a lot of music on their Sound Cloud before and is already known to fans as AA, but this will be their official debut as a duo. They will release two new songs in August and are contributing to the tracks themselves through lyrics and composition.

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Media: Mnet

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