WATCH: MAMAMOO Drops Funky, Colorful MV “Yes I Am”

 WATCH: MAMAMOO Drops Funky, Colorful MV “Yes I Am”

MAMAMOO has finally released their comeback MV!

On June 22nd, the girl group released their 2nd MV this week, “Yes I Am.” This comes as a followup to the previous release, “AZE GAG.” The new title track is a fun, funky song that expresses the confidence of a woman with lyrics like, “As for me I’m a woman who has confidence. To speak bluntly, a woman who has feeling.” Fans are already digging the bubbly track and girl-power lyrics.

The video itself is colorful and bright, making it the perfect MV for summer!

Also on the 22nd, MAMAMOO officially made their comeback with the new album Purple.

Check out the MV below! What do you think?

Media: Rainbow Bridge World

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