G-Dragon Shines In New Photos For ELLE Magazine

 G-Dragon Shines In New Photos For ELLE Magazine

G-Dragon recently posed for the cover of ELLE Magazine and left fans impressed once more with his charisma and charm.

In the July issue of the magazine, G-Dragon was featured on the cover, as well as a full photoshoot and interview inside. Although the cover images were released a few days ago, the rest of the Chanel-themed photoshoot has just now been released.

In the interview G-Dragon talked about how it felt to make his comeback since his last solo album four years ago and discussed the entire “Kwon Ji Yong” theme behind the music. In talking about the difference between Kwon Ji Yong and G-Dragon, he spoke candidly about the pressure he feels to live up to his stage name. “G-Dragon is full of confidence… a lot stronger of a person. Kwon Ji Yong is an introvert who has a lot of thoughts, someone who wants to lean on family and friends. Kwon Ji Yong is someone who is looking to discover his existence offstage by having time to lean on others— something that G-Dragon doesn’t have.”

Check out some of the photos below, and don’t forget to pick up the new issue of the magazine for the full photoshoot and interview!

Media: ELLE Magazine
*This article has been updated with additional photos.

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