WATCH: 9MUSES “Remember” Their Love In New Music Video

 WATCH: 9MUSES “Remember” Their Love In New Music Video

9MUSES is finally back in the music video for “Remember”!

Following multiple photo and video teasers over the last two weeks, 9MUSES has released the single album MUSES Diary Part.2: Identity on June 19th, KST. With it came the music video for title song, “기억해 (Remember).”

Members Kyungri, Keumjo, Hyemi, and Sojin each take on a slightly different image in the video, some of them dark, hurt, and alluring, others quiet, innocent, and afraid. The video follows the four girls as some run from the man they love, some seem close to him, and Kyungri ultimately confronts him in a violent manner. Fans have already been giving their personal guesses to the meaning behind the music video to include multiple personalities (each member being one person) and the stages of falling in love (each member representing one stage.)

The video itself has a wise variety of settings such as rundown buildings, a blooming forest, antique bathtubs, and glass boxes they seem to be trapped in. The song is a well-written, techno-influenced ballad track, with inserts of rock around Sojin’s amazing rap. The combination showcases the feeling of the lyrics well. There is no choreography in the music video, but fans got a glimpse of it from their comeback showcase on the same day.

MINE (fans of 9MUSES) are already doing their best to push the song up into the charts and get them their first music broadcast win. The only remaining original member, Hyemi, is approaching the end of her seven-year contract, so fans worry this could be the last 9MUSES comeback.

There is no doubt 9MUSES always releases great content! Do you agree? Check out the music video below, then let us know what you think about it in the comment section!

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