Noh Taehyun To Make Comeback With Other HOTSHOT Members

 Noh Taehyun To Make Comeback With Other HOTSHOT Members

Following the finale of the first season of “Produce 101,” many trainees and runners-up made announcements of debuts, comebacks, and new activities, and it seems that season two will be no different!

Just two days after the finale of season two of the popular show, Samuel Kim has already announced his solo debut and Pledis Entertainment announced a comeback for NU’EST. Now, it seems that Noh Taehyun‘s popularity is also affecting his entire group, because HOTSHOT is now working on a comeback as well!

A source from the group’s company announced that the five members of the group, minus Ha Sungwoon, are currently preparing for a comeback and working hard on a new album. No other details have yet been announced.

Noh Taehyun (also known as Kid Monster) and Ha Sungwoon both competed on “Produce 101” and gained attention for their polished skills and stage presence. Although they both made it to the top 35, only Ha Sungwoon made it into the final, top 11. However, Noh Taehyun couldn’t have been happier if he had made it into the top himself. His excited reaction when Sungwoon originally made it into the top 20— although he himself had just been eliminated— gained him even more fans that before. Then on the finale of the show, he wept with joy when his friend made it to the final 11, impressing everyone with his kindness and genuine happiness for his friend.

HOTSHOT is a talented group that debuted in 2014 and includes former trainees from SMTOWN, YG Entertainment, and more. Despite their amazing talent and polished skills across the board, they went largely unrecognized due to the intense competition in the Kpop world. However, it seems their members’ exposure on “Produce 101” is going to have a great effect on their future!

Who’s excited for HOTSHOT’s comeback? We wish them the best of luck!

Media: Ardor & Able
Source: Naver

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