Gaon Chart Makes Final Decision Concerning G-Dragon’s New Album

 Gaon Chart Makes Final Decision Concerning G-Dragon’s New Album

Gaon Chart has made their final decision concerning the controversy surrounding G-Dragon‘s new album, Kwon Ji Yong.

The company had previously announced that they did not find G-Dragon’s album to qualify as an actual album and would not be counting it on the album charts that are important for rankings and music show wins. The problem arose when the album was released in USB form and not on a CD. However, the issue was further complicated when the USB was revealed to not actually include the music on it, but instead included a link where you download the music through a special website that you can only access if you have purchased the USB.

Originally meant to be a nod to the growth and development of the music industry, as well as consideration to fans who no longer use CDs except as collector items, the issue quickly spiraled out of control when Gaon refused to recognize it as an actual album. G-Dragon and YG Entertainment quickly spoke up and pointed out that the way of delivery shouldn’t be important, but the music that went into the making of the album.

After much debate, however, Gaon Chart has announced their final decision— due to their review of the music and copyright act, they will not be counting it as an album and will only count it on the digital charts (something that holds less impact that the actual album chart itself).

What do you think of the controversy? Do you think the album should be counted as an album? Or do you think it needs to be considered on digital charts only?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Media: YG Entertainment

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