First Time With BTS? 15 Bangtan Bombs Every A.R.M.Y Needs To See

 First Time With BTS? 15 Bangtan Bombs Every A.R.M.Y Needs To See

On June 13th, 2017, BTS officially turned four years old. Four years ago, they debuted with “No More Dream,” and since then, they’ve given us party songs like “Dope” and “Fire,” softer tracks like “I Need U” and “Spring Day,” and killer music videos such as “Blood Sweat & Tears” and “Not Today.”

Alongside their official videos, the group constantly releases extra content for fans. From Twitter posts to new episodes of BTS Run, A.R.M.Y can never have enough of members Rap MonsterJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook showing off their moves, playing games, or simply messing around.

One source of fun content that fans adore are in the form of “Bangtan Bombs.” These are snippets of videos that are randomly uploaded to their side channel, BangtanTVand range from behind-the-scenes footage to everyday hotel room shenanigans.

In honor of BTS’s fourth anniversary, we’ve compiled a short list of Bangtan Bombs* that are a must-see for every fan. Whether you’re an ancient A.R.M.Y who’s been with them since the American Hustle Life days, or someone who stumbled upon this article by accident, here are 15 videos from BTS that are sure to make you smile!

*For Bangtan Bombs that require English subtitles, videos are from Bangtan Subs unless otherwise noted.

1. “Runway in the Night”

Almost every new fan is bound to discover this gem. One of their very early Bangtan Bombs, the video shows the members walking down the hall as if on a fashion runway. Although they try to be cool, several of the catwalks are so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh!

2. “Let’s Speak English!”

If you haven’t fallen for them already, every international fan will love BTS after watching this video! On their flight to LA, J-Hope declares that it is now “English Time,” and then proceeds to ask every member to speak a little bit of English. While Rap Monster’s language skills overwhelm him, J-Hope doesn’t hesitate to tease Jimin about his less skillful (yet absolutely adorable) English.

3. “‘Don’t Tease Me’ Dance by BTS”

We absolutely adore seeing BTS fanboy over other groups! In this Bangtan Bomb, BTS jams out to SPEED’s “Don’t Tease Me” as they wait for their own turn to perform. V’s hilarious facial expressions really make this video worth watching!

4. “BTS Magic Show”

If there’s something BTS is always good it, it’s skits! They never fail to come up with silly, yet creative, ideas to keep themselves (and fans) entertained. In this one, J-Hope declares that he misses Jin, Jimin, and V. Maybe if he shook his phone a little, he could see them again? Key point of the video: Jimin’s infectious giggle!

5. “Let’s Test BTS’ Nerve!”

Who doesn’t like a good scary video reaction? This Bangtan Bomb will always be a classic. The members guess that Jimin and J-Hope will be the ones who get scared the most, and they’re not far from the truth… What’s more, they get to make even more fun of each other when they watch their reactions on a big screen!

6. “BTS’ Rhythmical Farce!”

Yet another classic. Time and again, BTS will remember this specific Bangtan Bomb because of many fond memories. It started off as another skit, but ended up being mostly members chasing each other around a room. Yaaah!

7. “Eyes, Nose, Lips of BTS”

Speaking of BTS being fanboys, they never fail to show their love for BIGBANG. Out of their many lip-sync videos, this particular one is the most popular. Every member gets a bit of the spotlight, adding their own personal flair to Taeyang‘s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

 8. “Medley Show Time!”

BTS fanboying over BIGBANG, part two: Members V, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin and Suga all make an appearance in this Bangtan Bomb, dancing around and lip-syncing to the songs “Sunset Glow” and “Fantastic Baby” by BIGBANG. Some of the highlights from this Bangtan Bomb include V’s imitation of T.O.P’s deep voice, and J-Hope’s cat-ears hairstyle!

9. “BTS Cypher Fan No.1 V”

What’s better than BTS jamming out to other groups? Them getting hype over their own songs! Everyone knows that V is a huge fan of the Cypher series. These hardcore rap tracks, centered around the group’s rap line, keep the crowds on their feet and set fire to their souls! But no one can fanboy to Cypher as hard as BTS’s own V. He rocks out so hard, even Jungkook can’t compete.

10. “BTS Waking-Up: Hobi Cam” & “Follow BTS! Jimin Cam”

We’re admittedly cheating a little when we lump these two together, but they’re part of a series; one cannot exist without the other! J-Hope has this strange habit of bothering the other members as they try to catch some Z’s, and Jimin is his favorite target. Tired of being teased, Jimin then decides to go on a little adventure of his own. Both J-Hope and Jimin’s laughter (as they bother the others) is contagious, and it’s impossible not to chuckle at the surprise satoori at the end of the second video!

11. “95z Dance Time with a Beat App”

This video very likely takes place soon after the previous two. Poor Jungkook can’t catch a break! Jimin and V team up to bother the other members with a beat app. V becomes the DJ as Jimin purposefully attempts to annoy the sleeping members. Of course, no one can stay too mad at the adorable 95-liners!

12. “It’s the Pose When BTS Sleeps Normally”

We discover new things about BTS every day. For example, they normally sleep with their heads down and their legs way up. In yet another throwback video, fans will definitely crack up at BTS members’ antics. You may have to rewatch the ending a few times to understand what’s even happening. And is that #HiddenMemberV’s laugh we hear in the background?

13. “Show Me Your BBA SAE!?!?”

Moving into their more recent Bangtan Bombs, this one stands out in a majority of ways. Not only was it filmed right in Chicago during BTS’s Now 3 shooting, the members danced around in full outfits and makeup, just adding to the hilarity. While the video is mostly maknae-line centric, V’s natural spirit and Rap Monster’s dorky dancing are the two best elements to this video.

14. “‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ MV Reaction By BTS”

You thought you liked normal reaction videos? Wait until you watch this one! BTS reacts to their own MV the way anyone would, because they are watching the finished product for the first time! Every time a new member shows up on-screen, everyone showers him with praise. They laugh when things get dramatic, and even share some behind-the-scenes facts that you may not have known!

15. “BTS’ Vocal Duet ‘SOPE-ME’ Stage”

The final Bangtan Bomb on our list is one of the most recent ones. One year ago, for their third anniversary, BTS put together a series of performances that would showcase every members’ “weakness.” For J-Hope and Suga, the conclusion was “singing.” However, the two older members defied expectations with a confident and soulful performance of Homme’s “I Was Able to Eat Well” (feat. 2AM’s Changmin). Not only is this Bomb a joy to watch (even if sometimes neither of them can hit those high notes), it will make any fan feel emotional. Realizing how far BTS has come, seeing their smiles, knowing how much they accomplished in just another year, and the bittersweet lyrics of the song itself will have you crying before you know it.

So there it is, our not-so-short list of top 15 Bangtan Bombs! We are immensely proud of BTS’s growth and undying spirit and hope the group will continue to gift us more adorable, sweet, hilarious and exciting content.

Now that you’ve reached the end, let us know— did we capture one of your favorites? If not, which ones did we miss?

Happy Four-Year-Anniversary to BTS!

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