Fantagio Reveals Members Of New Group SURPRISE U

 Fantagio Reveals Members Of New Group SURPRISE U

Fantagio has revealed the members of their new group, SURPRISE U!

On June 16th KST, it was revealed that Fantagio has finalized the members of the upcoming group. It will include five members and follows in the footsteps of 5URPRISE, a group of talented actors who are also singers as well. The members of SURPRISE U are Kim Hyun Seo, Cha In Ha, Yoon Jung Hyuk, Ji Gun Woo, and Eun Hae Sung.

While most companies have idols who later turn to acting, Fantagio is the first to form a group of people who focus on acting but enjoy singing as a secondary career.

Meanwhile, SURPRISE U is releasing a short webdrama on Fantagio’s V Live channel. Four episodes have been revealed with each one focusing on a different member. Check it out below!

The new group will hold a debut showcase on July 7th KST.

Who’s excited to see SURPRISE U make their debut?

Media: Fantagio via Naver

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