BLACKPINK Drops Individual Teaser Picture For Jennie

 BLACKPINK Drops Individual Teaser Picture For Jennie

BLACKPINK is back in your area!

On June 16 KST, BLACKPINK of YG Entertainment dropped a member teaser picture for their upcoming comeback! This teaser picture shows a closeup shot of main rapper Jennie with a very cute aesthetic!

Sporting big jewelry and sleek pigtails, the first teaser picture is really setting the mood for their comeback! BLINKs are already excited to see what else is to come from these teaser pictures!

It was announced in their last teaser image that BLACKPINK will have their highly anticipated comeback on June 22nd!

Are you excited for the comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the full image below!

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Media: YG Entertainment

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