WATCH: VERMUDA Makes Long-Awaited Debut With “Dream Girl”

 WATCH: VERMUDA Makes Long-Awaited Debut With “Dream Girl”

VERMUDA has finally made their official debut!

On June 13th, the group from Triple J Entertainment released their MV for “Dream Girl.” The group’s catchy song and smooth vocals are already pulling in a lot of new fans, known as Triangles. The group has been busy promoting in Japan before now, performing at fan meetings and showcases in an effort to get to know fans, making fans thrilled to finally see VERMUDA make their official debut.

As we reported before, several of the members are experienced idol singers already. Leader U (Changbum) is a former memberof the group 100%Na Kang (N.K) is a former member of ZPZG, and Choi Seon is a former member of Mr.Slam.

Check out their debut MV below! What do you think?

Media: Triple J Entertainment

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