WATCH: BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Shares Preview Of New Music Video

 WATCH: BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Shares Preview Of New Music Video

G-Dragon has released a preview of his upcoming music video for “Bullsh*t”!

On June 12th, the BIGBANG leader uploaded a short clip to his Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse of his new MV. The music for “Bullsh*t” is heard playing in the background, and G-Dragon also includes the track information in the caption, making fans excited to see the music video finally released!

G-Dragon was originally supposed to release this MV as the title track for his new album, Kwon Ji Yong. However, due to the recent hospitalization of T.O.P, G-Dragon and YG Entertainment decided to release “Untitled, 2014” instead. The decision ended up being a wise one since the song went on to rank #1 in over 40 countries, already leading people to speculate the artist will be named artist of the year at end of the year events for 2017.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear if this is the music video G-Dragon was spotted filming in Los Angeles last month. There were rumors that G-Dragon had at least two music videos filmed for this comeback and possibly more.

Check out the preview below!


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