Day6’s Jae Back On Twitter; Here Are Some Of His Most Hilarious Tweets

 Day6’s Jae Back On Twitter; Here Are Some Of His Most Hilarious Tweets

As of June 7th, Jae of Day6 has returned to Twitter! Not only is he known as ASC‘s savvy third host, he also has a reputation of having an undeniably funny Twitter account.

From pop culture references and memes to random facts, Jae’s twitter has it all. For example:

Because we all love Jae’s sense of humor so much, we’ve compiled some of his best tweets through the ages, complete with his crazy hashtags. Check them out below!

A summary of Jae, as told by ASC’s host Park Jimin:

And according to Jae himself…

Some wise words from Jae:

When a fan asked for some advice:

And lets not forget Jae’s love for chicken!

His puns never fail to amuse us!

His relationship with K.A.R.D‘s BigMatthew is literally the sweetest:

He is actually one of the biggest #Markson shippers…

And a BTS fanboy too!

If we wanted to include every great Tweet posted by Jae, this article would never end! We can all agree that Jae’s tweets make him all the more lovable, aside from his friendly charm and warm heart!


On June 9th, Day6 fans (primarily user @day6ah) took part in a fan project for Jae by changing all their profile pictures to match Jae’s. Suddenly, every Day6 fan on Twitter had an account with a picture of member Wonpil, and their name set as “Day6 Jae.”

Picture by @heyyemusic

Picture by @day6ah

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Jae to notice!

(The phrase “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu” is from popular anime Naruto and refers to one making multiple copies of his or herself.)

Jae really does love his fans, and his Twitter account is one that would make anyone smile. We’re so glad he’s back. Who knows what other crazy hashtags he has in store for us?

Which Jae tweet is your all time favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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