WATCH: 9MUSES Drops Individual Teaser Video For Kyungri

 WATCH: 9MUSES Drops Individual Teaser Video For Kyungri

Following the release of multiple teaser photos and concept videos, 9MUSES has started dropping individual teaser videos for their comeback!

UPDATE: On June 15th KST, 9MUSES released the individual teaser video for the next member. Kyungri looks beautiful and sexy in a revealing dress as she poses for a photograph. Suddenly, the scene changes though, and we see her looking upset and pointing a gun at the photographer. Check it out below.

UPDATE: On June 14th, 9MUSES dropped the individual teaser video for the lovely Sojin. Leaving behind the darker concept of the earlier teasers, Sojin is seen swimming in a bright pool and modeling for a photographer. However, the underlying vibe of the teaser still suggest something tense and sinister. Check it out below!

UPDATE: On June 13th, 9MUSES revealed Hyemi‘s  teaser video for “Remember.” Following the concept of their other teaser videos, Hyemi is seen in a slightly spooky atmosphere, wandering the forest and stumbling upon antique mirrors. As the clip ends, we see Hyemi’s eyes turn blood red. Check it out below!

ORIGINAL: On June 12th KST, the lovely girl group revealed the individual video for Geumjo. The short video gives a preview of the song as we see Geumjo running down a dark, spooky-looking hallway. As she runs through the deserted building, we see her stop in her tracks as she catches a glimpse of another person’s shadow. Looking scared, she immediately turns and runs the other direction.

As the other concept photos and videos have hinted, it looks like 9MUSES is definitely going a new direction in this comeback! The title track for this album is entitled “Remember,” so perhaps remembering something in the past has to do with why Geumjo is running in an almost childlike nightgown and holding a giant teddy bear in the video.

9MUSES’s new album, Identity, is set to release on June 19th at 6 p.m. KST.

Stay tuned for more teasers!

Media: Star Empire

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