SS501 Leaves Sweet Messages To Fans For 12th Anniversary Since Debut

 SS501 Leaves Sweet Messages To Fans For 12th Anniversary Since Debut

SS501 celebrated their 12th anniversary since debut on June 8th, 2017!

The legendary group was one of the most influential groups in the initial spread of the Hallyu Wave. For years, they were one of the most popular groups in Kpop, producing hit song after hit song and each of the members going on to have very successful solo careers as well. As a matter of fact, when you ask people which group got them into Kpop, many fans will say “SS501.”

Despite being on hiatus with all five members, and two of the members still currently serving in the military, they still have one of the most dedicated fandoms in Kpop. Although it’s been several years since fans were able to hear new music from the group as a whole, they continue to be one of the best selling groups each year. In countries like Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines, their fandom, known as Triple S, are some of the largest ones in their respective Kpop communities.

On this special day, several of the members of SS501 posted messages to their fans on social media. Check out their sweet messages below, and happy anniversary to this legendary and influential Kpop group!

Park Jung Min: “Happy 12th anniversary! Although I wanted to give you all beautiful flowers, I couldn’t stand the thought of pulling them out. Thank you so much for the congratulations. I will complete what is left of my time in the military with success and come back soon! Until then, everyone stay healthy and we’ll meet with smile on our faces.”

Heo Young Saeng: “SS501 debut 12th… Before & after. This was the first broadcast at this very moment 12 years ago. After 12 years, I’m now a reservist.. Thank you for your luv…♡”

Kim Kyu Jong: “Thank you <3”

06.08 ♡ 감사합니다 ♡

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Heo Young Saeng: “For 12th debut anniversary to come.. It’s all because of the support from our fans that I am able to be here where I am now!! I will work even harder in the future, and repay with great music, as SS501’s YoungSaeng ^^ Always be together~^^ Forever~♥”

Kim Kyu Jong: “If we bring up the conversations about year 2005, the people around me will go “How long ago was that~” but I’ll just continue talking.. It really feels like a day or two ago.. but it has been 12 years~! I think time really goes by so fast~ In our busy everyday life, and sometimes having hit, or be in a series of uneasiness, but for this year too, let us live on with a smile till the very end, and share the good feelings/emotions~ The happiness feeling and energy that you have always given, and giving me, I really want to give them back to you! I will show you an even better music and image ♥ Really thank you for being with me for such a long time of 12 years..13 years ♥ Let’s be together for next year and the year after too~ Now when I’m writing the letter, it is raining… Looking at the rain, I’m entirely filled with memories of us.. Let’s make beautiful and precious memories of just us in the future~ Thanks.. Thank you ~ ^^ ♥ SS501 ♥ 301 KyuJong”

Congratulations again to SS501! We hope to see you all together again soon!

Media: DSP Media
Letter Translations: Quainte501

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