SISTAR Thanks Fans After Final TV Broadcast

 SISTAR Thanks Fans After Final TV Broadcast

SISTAR thanked fans once last time after their final TV broadcast.

On June 4th KST, the girl group performed together for the last time. However, another pre-recorded performance was broadcast on the June 7th episode of “Show Champion.”

After the broadcast, SISTAR took to their official Twitter and Instagram account to make a final post to fans and thank them for their support.

On Instagram, a picture was uploaded of the members looking lovely in white and beige outfits. The caption read, “SISTAR’s final ‘Lonely’ performance is over! Please remember the summer queens SISTAR every summer! #WeWillRememberYou_STAR1.”

For their post on Twitter, a short video clip of them was posted of them bowing and saying, “This has been SISTAR! Thank you!” You can see Soyou and Bora have red eyes from crying and the short clip cuts off as Bora starts to cry again.

After seven years as one of the top-ranking girl groups in Kpop, SISTAR decided to disband after their contracts with their company expired. From now on, the members will be going their separate ways as they pursue different fields in the entertainment business such as acting or singing.

We wish you the best, SISTAR!

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